Top 6 Tips for Strong Internet Security

The internet is an excellent place for you to spend your time. However, as with most things in life, there are drawbacks, with the internet, it’s in the area of security.

In the real world we have to worry about intrusion, theft of property as well as physical harm.… Read More

Why You Should Use A VPN Service

why use vpn

“Mr. President, my father says that you are spying on us”, says little Johnny to President Obama.

“He is not your father”, says Obama

This was a little joke that was doing rounds on social media when the NSA said it would monitor internet usage for national security.… Read More

10 Things to Know for VPN Beginners

The digital age. So many digital footprints. Unless you are James Bond and his team at MI6, well, you cannot hide your activity online, not from the authorities. Or can you? Maybe, depends on you. Would you like to hide your digital footprints with the best VPN service?… Read More