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Why You Should Use A VPN Service

why use vpn

“Mr. President, my father says that you are spying on us”, says little Johnny to President Obama.

“He is not your father”, says Obama

This was a little joke that was doing rounds on social media when the NSA said it would monitor internet usage for national security.… Read More

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Top 5 Best VPN For UK

In the United Kingdom VPN services have been continuously increasing in popularity. UK people realize that VPN could be used to unblock censored content and recently the approved surveillance regulations have entirely massacred online privateness. Then a growing number of Brits start using VPN for privacy.… Read More


How to Choose the Best VPN for Your Needs


Whenever you go online, big brother will be watching everything you do. If you visit that porn site, well, you know, the ones that your mama warned you about … big brother will be watching, a log will be entered somewhere.… Read More


10 Things to Know for VPN Beginners

The digital age. So many digital footprints. Unless you are James Bond and his team at MI6, well, you cannot hide your activity online, not from the authorities. Or can you? Maybe, depends on you. Would you like to hide your digital footprints with the best VPN service?… Read More

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Top 5 Best VPN For Australia

The Australian governments approved the overreaching laws in October, 2015, which demands Internet service providers must collect and store metadata for two years. So you need to use data encryption to guarantee your security.  A VPN is great for that work.… Read More

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5 Best VPNs for the USA

Theoretically, people in the USA enjoy a virtually completely uncensored web and powerful constitutional protections from the government. But, now we know that the second half is untrue. So citizens of the USA mostly have a deep concern about their privacy. A good VPN service can protect you from the unconstitutional mass surveillance of US citizens by the NSA and other government organizations.… Read More


VyprVPN Now Offers AliPay and 30-Day MBG!

Yestday, VyprVPN announced that they starting accept payment via AliPay starting from 2016 May 19. Combined with PayPal and Credit Card, VyprVPN’s payment method has become more easily for users in China.

vypr vpn china

VyprVPN also announced their new launch of 30-Day Money Back Guarantee policy.… Read More

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Opera VPN Testing in Beijing, China

Opera just launched its “Opera VPN” browser some days ago. It provides totally free VPN services, users can choose between five virtual locations: USA, Canada, Germany, Singapore and the Netherlands. For those who travel to China or live in China, a free VPN service from a big brand will be much more convenient!… Read More

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Total VPN Review

Total VPN Review

total vpn

Established in 2014 in the UK, Total VPN is a new VPN provider. Total VPN features for offering free account, any user can sign up with an email address to apply for the free permanent account credit card info (Though the account has no expiration date, there is server location and bandwidth limitation).… Read More