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Established in 2014 in the UK, Total VPN is a new VPN provider. Total VPN features for offering free account, any user can sign up with an email address to apply for the free permanent account credit card info (Though the account has no expiration date, there is server location and bandwidth limitation). After trying out their service, you can consider upgrading to its Premium account, which provides unlimited bandwidth and has no traffic limit.

Price & Free Trial

Total VPN provides two plans: FREE VPN plan and Premium plan.

total vpn price

The FREE plan allows users to use it for free without filling out the credit card info. Though you can use it permenently, only three servers are available: Iceland, Singapore and Amsterdam. And there is a limit on bandwidth and user can only have device get connected at one time. It is fine if you just want to use it to browse webpages.

If you want to get better user experience enjoy its full functions, you need to upgrade to its Premium plan. The price is $5.99 per month, a reasonable cost. The plan consists of 37 server locations, unlimited bandwidth and data transfer, three simultaneous connections are allowed and you can also use its premium proxy. There is no free trail offered, but nobody needs it since the free version can acts like a free trial.

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Many big VPN services are disturbed by the Great Firewall of China and often not work in the country. But Total VPN works well. I have tested it in Beijing, China on April 14th, 2016. the speed is not bad compared with other VPN providers. I can watch Youtube videos smoothly and the buffering speed is good. Compared with other VPNs, I personally feel that Total VPN’s connection is very reliable and almost no drops during the test. Total VPN has servers in 37 countries of 6 continents, with 11 servers in North America, 17 in Europe and 6 in Asia, not too many servers but enough since the speed is not bad. Total VPN works on systems including Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. And users can enjoy three connections at the same time with a single account.

Security and Privacy

As for the security, Total VPN supports protocols including PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec and IkeV2 as option. PPTP supports 128-bit encryption and the rest offer 256-bit encryption. It can hide your IP to avoid being tacked by the third party. And it an also protect your from hackers when you use WI-FI in public places like airports and coffee shops. As for privacy protection, some VPN companies will keep you logs, while Total VPN promises that they do not keep logs of your browsing history.

Customer Service

Total VPN provides several forms of support including: 24/7 Live Chat, Support Tickets and Phone Call. They also have an “Knowledge Base”, which provides FAQ and many articles about their service, you can find answers to almost all things about their service.


Unlimited bandwidth and data transfer
Reliable connection with promise of 99.99% Uptime
Free life-time VPN offer
3 device simultaneous connections
30 days money back guarantee
Premium proxy
Official website is available in China
Don’t keep logs


Just 30+servers around the world.


In conclusion, Total VPN is a quite decent start. Though it is a fresh, new company, Total VPN is a sincere company which are on the road of establishing its good reputation in the VPN business. At least you can get it at No Cost permanently, though with a few limitations. To remove the restrictions and enjoy all features, you`ll need to upgrade to their paid account. Total VPN provides strong security and reliable connection and offers 30 day money back guarantee. With all of these things, there is no excuse not to give it a go and enjoy its excellent services!

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  1. Total VPN is one of the best VPN around the web and you will find it quite interesting after using it. Its free feature can be useful when you are trying to check if it is really worth it. But its free and are restricted from most of the features.
    There are other features from the link above.

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