China has heavy internet censorship, perhaps the only one of its kind in the world, barring maybe a few Arab countries in the Middle East. However, as a travel destination, China still remains at the top of the must-do lists for many people. Yet the dilemma that arises is… if there is no Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook, how the heck then will you be able to keep in touch with your family and friends back home?

Thankfully, there is a solution for you, and that is to use the best VPN for China android. VPN means virtual private network, one that is designed to keep your presence on the internet anonymous. With the veiling of your IP address, you will be able to access all the content that you desire.

 Android VPN

Not many VPNs work in China, but these five have been tested and proven to work. They will help you bypass the Great Firewall of China and its security and filtering measures. Once you do that, you are free. You can access all the content that you need. However, note that the VPNs for android in China should never be used to commit crime.

It is not illegal to use VPN in China. However, any content that may whip up the emotions of the people, cause civil unrest and so on is banned and should not be accessed or uploaded in China. Thus, even as you get to use your VPN on android in China, please bear in mind that your objectives should be noble.

Here are five of the best VPN for China android:

1. ExpressVPN

express vpn


  • VPN servers across 148 VPN locations of 94 countries
  • Unlimited bandwidth, no throttling.
  • Easy-to-use VPN service for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, and routers
  • No connection logs
  • 24/7 customer service
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • Pricey
  • No free trial

Founded in 2009, ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN providers for anonymity services in China and other countries as well. It is headquartered in the British Virgin Island and it has continued being the preferred choice for most users around the globe, due to its unmatched performance and reliability when it comes to its customer’s privacy and security.

With over 2000 servers in 148 locations that are spread across different cities in 94 countries around the world, ExpressVPN really stands out in its operations. With this VPN, you are able to access their reliable connection and enjoy a completely secure and private browsing experience from any part of the universe. This includes countries like China where they have strict censorship, but it has still managed to bypass all the censorship to emerge the best VPN for China android.

The ExpressVPN app for iOS is blocked in China, and that is why you should buy an android device. However, it is said that if you have downloaded the app for your iPhone out of China, then you should have no problem using it. However, because it is better to be sure, you want to download an android app. Just buy an android device.

The ExpressVPN app is light and it will not take much of your phone resources. It is a paid-for app, but you will get good value for your money. However, when looking for it in Google Play store, be careful since there are many parody apps with almost similar names, for example, New Express VPN.

Price and Free Trials

ExpressVPN is going to cost you a pretty penny, but if you will get the best features and be able to access all the content that you need, then the price is definitely worth it. They do not offer any free trial, but they do offer a 30-day money back guarantee. This means that you can cancel it any day within the first 30 days and your money will be refunded back without any probing.

Users are offered three pricing plans starting with $12.95 for one month, $59.95 for six months, and $99.95 for a 12-month subscription. The yearly subscription is much cheaper because it translates to a monthly cost of $8.30. Customers can make the payments via debit/credit cards, bitcoins and PayPal.


ExpressVPN has an impressive speed with areas such as the US hitting up to 40Mbps. Even in the most remote areas, they still are able to deliver a decent amount of speed. A user who is using android, Windows or Mac systems can be able to test their speed in various locations through the speed test icon in their app.


ExpressVPN assures its users of a No Logs policy, meaning that they do not store any kind of data at all. You can browse and stream content with confidence that your anonymity is assured 100 percent. This VPN service hides your IP address from snoopers.

Customer Service

ExpressVPN has a reputable customer support department that attends to their customers enquires and needs 24/7/365. Their support services are available through ticketed emails and live chats.

Although ExpressVPN will cost you more than most of its counterparts, their performance is unmatched and they are available in many locations. In addition, you are assured of privacy and anonymity. Many users have proved the ExpressVPN app for android works very well in China as. It is easy to download, install and needs no configuration for your device.

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2. VyprVPN

vypr vpn


  • 700+ servers in 70+ global locations
  • Featured advanced Chameleon™ VPN technology to defeat VPN-blocking
  • VPN App for Android,  iOS,Windows and Mac
  • Unlimited downloading
  • 3-day trial period
  • 24x7x365 support team


  • No refund policy
  • Keeps some logs for a few days

Founded in 2010, VyprVPN is a famous VPN that is based in Switzerland, a country that is popularly known for its strong privacy policies. This VPN service claims to provide the fastest and most secure VPN services in the world.

With 73 server locations spread around the globe, VyprVPN performs excellently even in countries such as China where many VPNs have been banned. The VPN has therefore been proven to be among the best VPN for China android.

When it comes to China, VyprVPN believes that the secure OpenVPN protocol alone is not enough. Thus, it goes a step further and introduces the Chameleon VPN protocol whose work is to further scramble the OpenVPN data so that you can access the content that you need, by passing even the deep packet inspection. This technology is only available on the VyprVPN android app.

Price and free trials

The VyprVPN offers its customers two payment plans that allow you to pay month-to-month for both plans or at a discounted rate for annual subscriptions. The basic plan will cost you $9.95 a month when you pay month-to-month or $5.00 a month for an annual package (paid in one lump sum). The premium plan on the other hand costs $12.95 per month when paying month-to-month or $6.67 per month for an annual subscription.

Both of the above plans offer an unlimited data usage although the premium plan will allow five simultaneous connections while the basic plan will only allow for only three simultaneous connections.

Customers can pay via credit card, Alipay and PayPal only. The company offers a 3-day trial period allowing the customers to check the quality of their services first before they can commit.


VyprVPN servers are highly optimized to deliver fast upload and download speeds to their customers. Their servers however deliver varied speeds depending on the location. For example, the US server delivers a download speed of 51Mbps, the EU servers 74Mbps while the server in Asia delivers a speed of 54 Mbps on downloads.

Security and Privacy

VyprVPN is based in a location that is popularly known to provide total privacy for their user’s information. The company does not keep user’s logs but it does keep some of the connections for a period of 30 days only. However, the connections are deleted after every 30 days and they do not disclose any information to the authorities or any other party.

You can therefore conduct your online business without worrying that your information might be leaked to third parties because the company adheres to strict privacy and security regulations and principles.

Customer service

The company has a user-friendly customer support service that operates around the clock for the whole year. The support team can be contacted via their email or through live chat on their website. They are able to respond swiftly to customers concerns and enquiries and they treat their customers quite modestly.

VyprVPN is a great service provider whose VPN services are fast, reliable and secure. Although they can still do more to enhance their customer’s privacy and protection especially in regards to the keeping of logs for 30 days, which might create a loophole for snoopers; their performance is still great when compared to most of their competitors.

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3. Buffered VPN

buffered vpn


  • Fast and reliable
  • Stong security protocols to encrypt your data
  • Permits peer to peer connection
  • Unlimited bandwidth and no download restrictions
  • Works on Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, and routers.
  • 30 day money-back-guarantee policy
  • 24/7 Live Chat support


  • No speed test

Founded in 2013, Buffered VPN is a Hungarian company that is dedicated to offering great privacy and security to all its customers. This VPN provides user-friendly custom apps for customers who use either Mac or Windows systems.

Buffered VPN offers relatively quick speeds that are ideal for HD streaming and they provide strong OpenVPN encryption on both computer and mobile platforms. The company offers connections in only 37 countries around the globe. However, while many VPN apps have been banned in China, this one still works and so if you are headed to China, you may want to try this service. It has been tested and proven to work very well and you will love it since it does not consume your resources and it works just great.

Price and Free Trials

Buffered VPN offers three pricing plans for its customers. All the three plans provide similar levels of services although the customers who commit for longer periods are rewarded with a discount. The one-month plan costs $12.99, six-month plan costs $9.99 per month and the annual plan costs $8.25 per month.

The company has a 30-day money back guarantee that allows anyone to test their services for up to ten hours to ensure that they are satisfied with the services before committing. Customers can pay via visa cards, American Express, PayPal, Discover and Bitcoins.


The Buffered VPN offers a relatively fast speed although it varies from one country to the other. It however does not allow its users to select specific servers to connect to, which becomes a bit hard for one to compare it directly with the other service providers.

The speed is quite fast depending on where you are as a user and the speed of your internet connection although if you require more rapid speeds, it is advisable to use other providers such as the ExpressVPN or VyprVPN.


Buffered VPN has a no usage logs policy that they strictly adhere to. This means that they do not access any of their user’s records directly. Their central servers are also in the Netherlands, a location that is popularly known for its strong data privacy regulations.

Although Buffered does not keep some connection logs such as the users’ IP address and the time and duration of the connection, it stores some data but only for 30 days after which the data is deleted.

Customer service

Buffered VPN has one of the best and helpful customer support department. They have a 24-hour live chat and a resourceful FAQ platform. The customer care agents are very friendly and they respond to enquiries very swiftly.

The Buffered VPN app for android can be accessed in the Google Playstore. Just download it in the same way that you download other apps, and then install it on your mobile.

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4. PureVPN

PureVPN website


  • Compatible with all major devices: Android, Windows, Mac, iPhone, Linux
  • Cheap cost
  • 2,000+ Servers around the world
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Has kill switch
  • 5 Multi Logins
  • 31-Day Money-Back Guarantee


  • There might be DNS leaks

Among the best VPNs in the world, PureVPN is the largest and oldest. It came into the market in 2006 and its operations have currently expanded. Nowadays, it boasts over 750 servers, all spread across 140 distinct countries including China. An interesting aspect for this service provider is that it hosts its unique DNS hardware and network. This ensures that customer details are highly secure as compared to other average VPN services.

Usability and compatibility

PureVPN is compatible with major operating systems such as Linux, iOS, Windows, Android and Mac. In addition, the service works perfectly on DD-WRT routers, top-boxes, iPhone and iPad. Just as it is with the other Smartphone apps, PureVPN also is simple to setup and easy to use. It comes with full features such as unlimited live chats, subscription renewal and 24/7 server switching. It supports security protocols such as SSTP, L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN and PPTP. It has 256-bit encryption of data, hence offering the best security.


To download the PureVPN to your smartphone or tablet running on Android technology, you will first need to buy a plan. To make sure that you get the best value for your money, this VPN has an ad blocker so that there are no annoying ads. That way, you can use the service without interruptions whatsoever.

PureVPN costs $10.95 when you pay for a month. Whenever you make a subscription, you will be able to login on five other devices concurrently. Besides the monthly plan, you can also make a one year subscription and pay 5.41/month. You can enjoy a discount when you subscribe for 2 years. The 2-year plan will costs $3.54 every month.

There is a 3-day free trial. You will pay a non-refundable charge of $2.50. Three days is enough to decide whether the VPN works for you or not.


PureVPN has servers in more than 100 countries, including China and it has over 500 servers, and more than 80,000 IP addresses. Currently, the service provider has three servers located in China, making it the best VPN for China android. The rest are spread in countries such as Australia, UK, Greece, US, India and Mexico, among others.

Bandwidth and speed

On android, the speed of this VPN is very fast, even when you want to stream content. It also works with P2P networks and therefore you can stream content that you need easily. PureVPN does not have limitations to its speed and bandwidth.

Unlike other VPN services, this one does not record speed slowdowns. It performs very well and fast in China.

This app has been designed with the SmartConnect feature, which means that as soon as you tap the app, it connects you to the closest server for best speeds and connectivity. Another important feature that you are going to get is the kill switch, which kills the internet connection as soon as the VPN connection drops.    

PureVPN has given amazing results in terms of online security. It is a recommended tool for people to unblock any website in China. Since its servers are located in many countries, users are to access content censored by the Great Firewall of China.

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5. NordVPN

nord vpn


  • No-log policy
  • p2p is allowed
  • Has a kill switch
  • Use 6 devices with a single account
  • Strong encryption
  • 450+ servers around the world
  • Works on iOS, Windows and Android operating systems.


  • Expensive

There is no doubt that NordVPN is one of the best in the world. Not only is it good on PC and Macs, but it is also good for your mobile device running on android technology. As you will see, their major objective is to provide privacy and anonymity when surfing the web. Besides its top security standard, NordVPN offers a reliable “no-log’ policy, unbeatable performance and properly designed apps that will download and operate seamlessly on your android device.

Dedicated servers

What we mean by this is not that you will get a server all for your own, but the NordVPN service offers more than 4000 servers in 62 countries. They do not stop there! They have many servers that are made for specific duties only. For example, they have servers that are for streaming videos, others are anti-DDOS servers and so on. They also offer a Double VPN feature, which means that your internet connection is encrypted and then re-encrypted again. You can call it double security if you like.


NordVPN has three-standard protocols, which are L2PT, PPTP and OpenVPN. Most importantly, users like its CyberSec privacy feature. This will protect you from malicious sites and phishers, even when you are using public Wi-Fi networks.

Performance and speed

When customers are searching for the right VPN, speed is always their priority. Well, NordVPN offers quality-streaming services. Moreover, the service offers smooth browsing experience with zero buffering.

Extensions for Mozilla and Chrome

NordVPN has good Linux support and other extensive platforms such as RaspberryPi. Most importantly, NordVPN provides encrypted proxy options for Firefox and Chrome browsers. This simply means that your IP address will look as if it is from another country while you are right there in China. This is total anonymity.


You need to sign up for a VPN plan before you can start using this app on your android device. You will also need to choose the payment plan that suits your budget best. Alternatively, you can buy a full subscription. Nord has 3 pricing tiers: $11.95 monthly,  $83.88 for one year and $119.76 for 2 year plan. 

Get a 30-day money back guarantee with this service. Whether you choose the one-month plan, one-year or two-year plan, you still get the 30-day money back guarantee. This should be enough time for you to decide whether this is a perfect VPN for you, or not.

Customer support

NordVPN has great and reliable customer support. You can opt to communicate through live chats or emails. Here you will get answers to your questions about payments, or server connection. They also have a comprehensive FAQ section from where you should get assistance before consulting support.

Ease of use

You might think that using NordVPN would be challenging because of the seemingly complicated features but it is not. In fact, it is so admirable just how this company is able to offer such a complex product but at the same time makes it very easy to use the same product. This VPN is very simple to download and install. The app and user-friendly website helps users to easily select their plan, submit payment and start using. This is a small app and so it should not consume plenty of your resources.

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Now that you have read about the best VPN for China android reviews, you can be able to choose the very best one to access western social media content, and even Chinese content when you are in the country. Whether you live there or you are just visiting, having a trusted VPN for your android mobile devices will help you to get access to all the content that you need. Bypassing the Great Firewall of China is no small feat and that is why you need the very best VPN. Thankfully, as you have seen here, you are literary spoilt for choice. All of these 5 VPNs have been tested for speed and you can even stream videos and other content without any hitches.


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