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why use vpn

“Mr. President, my father says that you are spying on us”, says little Johnny to President Obama.

“He is not your father”, says Obama

This was a little joke that was doing rounds on social media when the NSA said it would monitor internet usage for national security.

With the world having turned digital, even average internet users are bound to use the internet from time to time. And then there are the heavy users who practically drink, eat and live on the internet. Internet use ranges from streaming stuff online, voice and video calls using for example Skype and similar apps, downloading and uploading data, chatting on social media, online shopping, working among many others. Given the many uses of the internet, there is need to protect your privacy from the various individuals who may have an interest in your personal information, for example, hackers, government or spying agencies. In fact, privacy is one of the purposes of using VPN.

So what is VPN? A Virtual Private Network encrypts information between two connections; either between a secure and insecure connection; or between two insecure connections hence ensuring your data security, privacy, anonymity as well as confidentiality.

There are numerous reasons and benefits to using a VPN service. Below we look at some of the reasons why one should use it:

1. Privacy

vpn privacyThe internet has made communication and business transactions easier. With just a click of your mouse button, you can now pay for goods online, have a chat with family and friends through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, as well as through voice and video conferencing. Why use VPN when using the social media? All these to some extent require you to part with some, if not all personal information. This information can be readily available to malicious hackers who can use it to their advantage without you even noticing because your IP address is noted whenever you access any website. Using a VPN service therefore ensures that you have a safe tunnel through which you can send and receive information without leaving digital footprints online.

You will also want privacy if you come from a country where internet use is censored, where you may not be allowed to access some websites. With the use of a VPN service, you can still access stuff that you need online, anonymously.

2. Ensures safe use of public network and hotspots

You may be a frequent user of the public Wi-Fi and hotspots available in areas such as schools, restaurants, libraries etc. for you to use them securely without anyone having access to your website history and personal information it is wise to subscribe to a VPN service. In so doing you will not only protect your data but also your devices that you use to access the internet with from malicious viruses that hackers use in order to gain access from your devices and hence get your personal information. This is another of the benefits of using VPN.

3. Deniability

Sometimes, what you are doing online could be illegal in your country. Of course, when you are accessing websites, which have been banned, in your country, that on its own is illegal. Thus, you want to cover your digital footprints beyond reasonable doubt. How is that? By looking for a VPN provider that guarantees deniability. This simply means that no logs are kept, and therefore there will be no records of you ever having been online, unless you keep some. Deny deny deny… do not be caught sitting duck.

4. Ensures that one gains access to information that is geographically restricted

You can use a VPN service to access websites and web contents that are not available in your country. All that you need to do is to connect to a VPN service in the particular country of interest where you want to access the web content for example say you want to access BBC, which is available in UK; you will connect to a VPN service in UK and be able to stream BBC news wherever you are. It is that simple. You can enjoy great programs even when your government has decided you should not.

5. To override restrictions and censorship

There are contents that may be banned in your country. These restrictions could be from the government because of religious, political and other reasons. At school and work places there may also be restrictions on certain web contents. To gain access to these contents and websites you can use a VPN service. It will make you anonymous enough to do what you want.

6. To maintain anonymity

internet safetyOne of the purposes of using VPN is that it ensures anonymity while you are online. There are so many prying eyes on the internet. The government also spies on the activities of its citizens on various websites. Therefore, to avoid the invasion of your privacy and maintain your anonymity, it is a wise decision to use a VPN service while online. There are also benefits of being anonymous online just but to mention one is that you can access restricted information without it being traced back to you.

7. Hinders tracking of your online activities

As mentioned earlier, there are so many parties interested in ones online activities. Hackers, government, potential employers, advertisers and promoters would want to see what you have been up to on their websites, for example, what you shop for online so that they can start sending you promotional material that match your interests. To prevent these people from tracking your IP address and your web traffic, it is advisable to use a VPN service.

8. Ensures safe downloading and uploading of files

As stated earlier a VPN provides security to not only your personal information but also to your devices thus giving you total confidentiality. Activities on the web will involve a lot of downloading and maybe uploading. To make sure that this is safe then a VPN service will come in handy and again in cases where you would like these to be anonymous, the use of VPN service is appropriate.

The above are just but a few reasons why one should use a VPN service. Privacy, security and confidentiality of your personal data are among the paramount reasons for you to choose using a VPN service while accessing the internet. It will be a cost to get yourself a VPN service and the speed at which you access information may slow down a mite, but it is clear that the benefits outweigh the limitations. You now know the answer to the question of why use VPN.

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