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Hotspot Shield is the VPN software that ensures complete privacy of your online activities and enables you to browse the internet as an anonymous user. It encrypts web surfing sessions, provides protection from online identity thefts, keeps hackers & web spies at bay, protects sensitive data like passwords & credit card information, gives access to the geo-blocked content and allows you to access any content you want in absolute privacy.

Why choose Hotspot Shield?

    • Corporate offices, coffee shops, schools, airports and hotels are hotspots that may compromise the privacy of your online activities. Data transfers at almost all hotspots are unencrypted and may result in public broadcast of sensitive information like banking details, passwords, instant messages and downloads. Hotspot Shield supports fully encrypted network traffic and does not let your data transfers go public or get intercepted by snoopers.
    • Internet Service Providers or ISPs keep a log of the online activities of the users on their network. This include keeping a log of data corresponding to the websites a specific user visited, how often they visited certain websites, what activities they indulged in on those websites and more. Hotspot Shield respects the online internet privacy and freedom of its users. Our free VPN does not track your web endeavors and allows you to browse the internet as an anonymous user.
    • Spam websites, phishing and malware may pose a serious threat to your online internet privacy and security. Hotspot Shield free VPN detects and blocks known Trojans, malware, phishing and spam sites.
    • Hotspot Shield allows you to bypass location based IP restrictions and go beyond any filters and firewalls set by your school or office. You can easily access any website blocked in your country anonymously using a US IP address.
    • Hotspot Shield works seamlessly on wired and wireless connections.
    • It is compatible with PC, Mac, iPhone and Android.

Top Security & Absolute Privacy

Hotspot Shield is unique VPN software that redefines online security and privacy. An encrypted tunnel connects your computer with its servers in the US. All the data coming to or going from your computer passes through this secure tunnel. The possibility of an online attack resulting in identity theft, loss of credit card information, web spying, or other hazards immensely diminishes when you are behind the Hotspot Shield. It conceals your actual location by hiding your IP address, and thus makes it difficult for snoopers and spies to locate and attack you.

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