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Established way back in 2008 in Malaysia, Boleh VPN has continued to distinguish itself with time, becoming a security and anonymity provider for many people when they are surfing online. In this BolehVPN review, we will see what makes this service tick and why you can subscribe for an account with them. We will look at their security features, why they claim to be good and we shall look at what you get out of the services. We will also consider their cost, see whether they have a free trial and just how many devices you can connect with your account simultaneously.

With BoleVPN, you get what you pay for, and then some. It is well established, having survived all those years in the cutthroat VPN industry is quite something. Signing up is so easy. Just use your email address to create an account, and guess what, they even have a free trial. Although the free trial is for one day only, well, it is much better than no free trial at all. But if that is not enough, you can pay $3.70 only and get a 7-day trial to help you make up your mind. In both free trial offers, you will get to experience all the features that this service comes with, including total BolehVPN security.

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BolehVPN Price & Free Trial

boleh vpn free trail

The pricing plans for Boleh VPN are very easy to understand. Firstly, there are no split payment plans. You just make one payment for the plan that you choose and that is that, you are done. Secondly, when you sign up for a paid plan, you gain access to all the servers immediately. Thirdly, you can connect with two devices simultaneously from one account.

BolehVPN price is manageable as you will see in their payment plans. The very first payment that you might have to make is that of the $3.70 for 7-day trial. However, you can also request for the one-day free trial.

For $9.99 only, you can get Boleh VPN for 30 days. The full package, all the works. The second plan is for 60 days, which will cost you $16.99. The third plan is for 180 days and that will cost you $44.99 only while the last plan is for 365 days for a price of $79.99 only. There, you can see that Boleh VPN caters to people under all budgets.

BoleVPN Speed

The BolehVPN speed is good considering that they have 50 servers spread over different geographical locations. Of course there will be a lag when you connect to the internet through the VPN, but it is never sluggish. You can do YouTube without any trouble at all, actually, just as fast as you would connect when not using VPN. And there are different connection types for you, depending on your needs. For example, BolehGeo is great for people who come from areas where audio and video streaming are throttled, for example, Netflix, Spotify and others.

Then there is the Proxied connection that allows you to split the connection for one to go through your ISP and the other through the VPN. You can therefore choose which kind of internet traffic you want to go through the VPN and which can go through the ISP, but you will have to do some configuration for this.

Since they have servers in 15 countries, you can always choose the nearest server for faster connection. With a speedy connection of 38 Mbps and more, well, that is actually better than what many other VPN providers give.

BolehVPN can be used on Mac, Windows, Android and Linux.

BolehVPN security

boleh vpn all devices

How is the BolehVPN security? Being a Malaysian company, they are not under any data retention regulations as you would find in the USA for example. Thus, they have a zero log retention policy. Apart from keeping the temporary logs to monitor how you are using the service, that is, no one wants to have their services abused, right? They will not keep any personal information. When you sign up, you will only be required to give your email address and some information when paying, but it will never be disclosed to any other party. BolehVPN security and privacy is totally assured. Protocols supported include OpenVPN and L2TP. They do not have PPTP because it is not very secure. They also do SOCKS proxying which is very useful when you just want to pass specific programs through VPN than the entire internet traffic.

BolehVPN customer service

BolehVPN offers 24/7 live chat. If you decide to do email, you will be happy to know that they will reply to your emails within a few hours only, actually less than 2 hours. They also have a ticketing system which you can only access if you have an active account with them. If asked to rate their customer support, we would give it 5 out of 5.


  • Supports OpenVPN protocol which is the safest as well as L2TP for devices that do not support the OpenVPN protocol.
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • High speed connectivity, 38Mbps and above
  • Can be used for streaming content for entertainment
  • Can be used for protecting your business from snoopers
  • Very affordable pricing
  • Has a free-free trial as well as paid-for free trial, only $3.70.
  • You can connect two devices simultaneously
  • No log retention
  • Setting up is easy, fast
  • Detailed website, FAQ section answers any question you might have


  • It does not support PTPP because it is not very secure. However, some people would still love to use it
  • It only has servers in 15 countries, only 50 servers

Our verdict

When doing this BolehVPN review, we did not know what the outcome would be. However, after testing it, we can advise you to go ahead and use it without any hesitation whether you want to use it for streaming entertainment content or for business protection. The BolehVPN speed is impressive. Basically, there is absolutely no reason why you should not go for this VPN. You can start with the one-day free trial, see how you like it and then get the paid-for service.

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  1. I’ve been using BolehVPN for several years now, and enjoy how easy it is to use, on a computer or an Android phone! Any issues with a connection are resolved pretty quickly, and customer service is very responsive. Thanks guys for effectively increasing my privacy and security when surfing the web!

  2. It’s a great service. As someone with less technical skill, it required a learning curve but it was relatively easy to use once I did some research.

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