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Theoretically, people in the USA enjoy a virtually completely uncensored web and powerful constitutional protections from the government. But, now we know that the second half is untrue. So citizens of the USA mostly have a deep concern about their privacy. A good VPN service can protect you from the unconstitutional mass surveillance of US citizens by the NSA and other government organizations.

1. ExpressVPN

express vpn

30-day money back guarantee
100+ servers in 78 countries
5 simultaneous connections
SSL secured with 256-bit encryption
Unlimited speeds and unlimited server switches
24 hours customer support

A bit pricey

ExpressVPN is really a good choice, because it provides well-balanced services for the general VPN users. Its overall performance stands out among all VPN services. ExpressVPN does not keep any usage logs (only some connection logs are kept). It has an easy-to-use client on platforms including Window, iOS, Andriod and Linux. Its Android and iOS apps can make you stay secure when you are out of your home and office. ExpressVPN gives a favorable 30-day money back guarantee to customers, allowing to have lots of time to decide whether its VPN service is the one that suits you best!

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2. HideMyAss


Unlimited bandwidth
Servers in 190+ countries
Supports different protocols: PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN etc.
Free proxy
30 Days Money Back Guarantee

No free trial

HideMyAss is another excellent VPN service that you should consider. It is one of the oldest service providers with good reputation in the market. HideMyAss has a wide servers network of 930+ VPN servers in 190+ countries. So you can bypass geo-restriction for any countries and regions in the world. HideMyAss’s price is also favorable, it can be as low as $4.99 per month for a 12 months package. It supports different protocols like PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN etc, all these can guarantee you extremely strong security. And it also promises a 30 Days Money Back Guarantee, which is a general offer among many VPN providers.

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3. Buffered

buffered vpn

Unlimited speed & bandwidth
No usage logs
30-day money back guarantee
Three simultaneous connections
Good customer support

A bit pricey

Buffered offers a no usage logs policy and good speed, plus its 30-day money back guarantee policy and VPN Servers in 31 Countries. The company pays more attention to privacy protection, They own strong encryption and everything you do online keeps your privacy from prying eyes. But compared with other VPN services, Buffered is a bit pricey . However, it is a Hungary company, one of the main advantages is that it is away from jurisdiction of UK, USA, as well as other over-reaching governments.

A special feature that Buffered software offers is its “port discovery” tech, it can automatically search for password protected open ports (for example in railway stations, cafe and airports) and then help you bypass the login stage.

With a every month fee of USD15, you can not only have a top quality and secure VPN but the benefit of amazing good speeds. Check the Buffered for yourself and give it a try.

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4. BolehVPN

boleh vpn

Do not keep log files at all
Military Grade Encryption
DNS leak protection
P2P is allowed
2 simultaneous connections

Small number of US servers

BolehVPN is a VPN provider based in Malaysia and is one of the most well-known VPN providers in Asia. The biggest advantage of BolehVPN is that it does not keep any logs and guarantees military grade encryption, It is a good choice for users from the USA, particularly for people who are concerned about spying. BolehVPN has very fast speed and allows users to use P2P downloading. It can hide the fact that you are using a VPN by traffic obfuscation technology, that way you can watch Netflix or Hulu anywhere you want in the world. BolehVPN offers a 1 Day free trial package, you can try it before purchasing its service.

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5. Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access

No traffic logs
Fast speed
256-bit AES OpenVPN encryption
P2P and VoIP Support
Unlimited Bandwidth
5 devices simultaneously

No free trial
US based company

Private Internet Access is a US company, so it does not have advantage like other VPN companies listed above. However, it does not keep any log files, and besides its up to 256-bit AES OpenVPN security is really great. One of the big benefits I like it most is that it supports up to 5 simultaneous connections and you can still enjoy its good connection speeds.

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If you are worried about your online activities being spied on by the US government, I advise you to use a non-US VPN service and do not use their US-based servers. If you use VPN for downloading content via P2P, then a US-based VPN might be your best choice as it has more US servers and better speed.

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