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Swinging like a pendulum between legality and illegality, well, torrenting is a business that is best done when shrouded in mystery and darkness. Even if you will be doing legal downloading, well, it is always a good idea to cover your footprints on the internet and there is no better way for you to do that than to use the best VPN for torrenting. There are so many of these in the market today. In fact, com to think of it, there is a VPN for just about any activity that you want to do online today. You should be spoilt for choice, or should you?

Did you know that most of the torrenting sites require you to use VPN to download whatever you need? It could be a movie, software or program, music or other files. You will find that using the best VPN gives you leeway to access most of the torrent products.

A VPN designed to cover torrents might be the only thing standing between you and the latest blockbuster movie. In addition, if you use the internet a lot, you will find the need from time to time to visit some sites discreetly. A VPN comes in handily for all of that and more.

One thing that you need to know is that not all virtual private networks support torrent downloads. Thus, as you set out to find the best one, make sure that it can indeed be good for torrenting.

Reading reviews for the best VPN for torrents is one of the ways in which to get the best VPN for torrenting. However, it is just one way. There are more ways to ensure that you have the best product.

Do not use a free VPN because free means it lacks many features. Ok, it might have many features, but you can be sure the paid-for VPN for torrenting will have many more features.

Seeing as using the best VPN for torrent services is a paramount need for people who surf the web all the time, well, what are the best VPNs to try out? Well, here are a few of them, just five:



express vpn

ExpressVPN is a very popular VPN service provider offering the best VPN for torrents. It has been operating since 2009 with its headquarters in the British Virgin Islands but with servers spread out almost all over the globe.

They offer top-notch quality VPN services plus other security services for all types of operating systems and devices.


An ExpressVPN account supports only three devices simultaneously and there are four security protocols that include the first and most secure of them all – OpenVPN, L2TP/ IPSec, SSTP and PPTP. Because of its simplicity and user-friendliness, users can set the VPN up by themselves by just clicking through the given options. Most of the setting up is straightforward. It is very accessible and it is not intimidating to new users and learners. It also offers very high speeds and high levels of encryption.

Prices & free trial

ExpressVPN does not publicly offer a free trial but they have a 30-days money back guarantee for all their subscribers covering all their payment plans. 30 days is good enough to have made up your mind whether you would like to continue using this best VPN for torrenting. However, note that with the money back guarantee, certain conditions have to be met.

The company has three payment plans, which are the one-month plan that goes for $12.95, six months plan for $59.94 and the twelve months plan going for $99.84. All the payments plans offer the same capabilities and futures but the longer period plans offer bigger discounts per month when compared to the shorter period plans.

Privacy and security

The company gives special attention to privacy and security of data and personal information. The US data retention rule and the EU DRD rules do not apply in ExpressVPN services. In addition, browsing logs are not retained keeping a user totally anonymous. When it comes to security, the company uses the latest secure protocols and encryption leaving no chance for security breach. Their services are also certified under the security standards for online transactions.

Customer Service

Since ExpressVPN is so user friendly, the demand for customer service is low but despite that, the company has a 24/7 customer service support. They have round the clock live chats with representatives that are professionals, very knowledgeable and very swift to respond. If you do not love chatting, you can email them, which they also respond to within 24 hours.


  • Fast Network Speeds
  • No Log files are kept
  • Easy to use the VPN clients
  • 30 days 100% money back guarantee
  • Dedicated VPN client for different operating system
  • Simple registration procedure
  • Supports payment through crypto currencies


  • Services are quite expensive
  • Limited configurations

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Buffered VPN

buffered vpn

Buffered VPN that came into the market as recently as 2013, is among the best VPNs for torrenting. Its popularity is courtesy of the good quality services, functionality and high levels of privacy that it offers to its clients. In addition, it keeps no usage logs and it uses shared IPs.

This makes it very hard actually impossible for anyone to identify or know the user. This service that is located in Gibraltar has 46 servers located in different countries, but they have plans to extend their services in more countries.


Buffered VPN has five main impressive features:

Simultaneous connections: Buffered provides support for five simultaneous connections. What this means is that a user can log in from, a tablet, mobile phone and desktop PC  and stream on a multimedia centre and encrypt his/her main browsing task at the same time and on one account.

Firewall test: Buffered testers can scan UDP and TCP ports enabling the user to swiftly determine which ports the system can make connections from. This feature helps the users that wish to bypass firewalls or any restricted network and helps them direct the program in order to make good choices.

No P2P restrictions: Buffered does not have any peer-to-peer restrictions and thus users can efficiently transfer huge files amongst themselves. This is in fact what torrenting is all about, isn’t it?

Unlimited bandwidth: Buffered VPN offers unlimited bandwidth, which makes it very convenient for users who intend to use it mainly for streaming multimedia. Therefore, users can use it without getting worried about the monthly connection allocation.

TCP/UDP Switching: These two protocols are used for sending data over the internet. UDP offers very fast connectivity but TCP is the main thing when reliability is concerned. Buffered allows users to choose between the two the one they want to connect with.


Buffered VPN has three payment plans that offer exactly the same level of service. Their only difference is in the form of a discount for users who subscribe for a longer period. The first plan is the $12.99 one-month subscription.

The next plan is the $59.94 six months subscription, which is more reasonable to commit to since it equivalent of $9.99 for every month.

The third plan that offers users the best value for their money is the $99.00 annual subscription that is equivalent to$8.25 per month. In addition, buffered offers a thirty-day trial period where a user can be refunded his money if not satisfied with the services.

Security and privacy

Buffered VPN has a no usage logging policy, which means that it does not access any records of what an individual user has done online. In addition, it only keeps history of such connections for only thirty days and after that, they are deleted.


  • High-speed servers
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Reliable and secure
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Allows 5 simultaneous connections


  • A bit expensive when compared with other providers

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ipvanish vpn

With its headquarters in the US, IPVanish is a VPN service provider that is highly reputable and one of the companies that offer the best VPN for torrenting. The company boasts of having over 1000 servers located in more than 60 countries around the globe. Their security features are top notch protecting its users from the malicious online threats. Their VPN services are compatible with nearly every device and support all the major VPN protocols.

Main features

IPVanish has no restriction on peer-to-peer traffic. It provides NAT firewall protection to its users, which prevents malicious connections from accessing your devices. It also offers its users device protection when they are connected to public Wi-Fi.

They support multiple protocols such as PPTP, OpenVPN and L2TP and for their mobile apps, they provide connections over the IPSec and IKEv2. There is no logging when it comes to IPVanish and the service does not store or save a user’s personal information. In addition, it offers unlimited bandwidth and infinite server switches and it offers two devices simultaneous connection.

Security and Privacy

IPVanish uses a 256-bit AES encryption, which translates to excellent security all the time when you are connected to the torrent sites. In addition, it has other security features for mobile devices such as a user being able to activate a network block that prevents the device apps from connecting to the internet. This means that your devices are safe from connecting to unsecure open networks, which most hackers take, advantage of when trying to get your personal information.

When it comes to user’s privacy, the company has a logging policy that states that no logs should be kept at all. This ensures that all the users remain anonymous and no personal details that will be left on the network.

Pricing and Payment Methods

IPVanish has various payment plans that allow the users to choose in terms of the subscription periods with larger discounts for longer period plans. A one-month plan costs the user $10, a three-month plan costs $26.99 and a twelve months plan that costs $77.49 all paid up front.

Customers are also allowed to make payments via several means such as PayPal, credit card or Bitcoin. All the customer payment details remain anonymous enhancing users security further.

IPVanish does not have public free trials but they offer a seven-day money back guarantee that allows the customers to test the service and they are refunded if not satisfied.


  • Diverse device compatibility
  • Unlimited bandwidth, server switching, and P2P traffic
  • Zero traffic and connection logs
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Fast speed


  • No Netflix Compatibility
  • No TOR Compatibility

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nord vpn

This Panama-based service is very popular among VPN users all over the world. It has received many praises from experts. It is one of the best VPN for torrents and it has over 3000 servers spread in 58 countries around the world. That means you can be assigned as many and random IP addresses as possible. It will be virtually impossible to find your footprints online.

NordVPN allows its users to access US Netflix from any part of the world, which is a big attraction to potential users, and it creates an interface that is very simple yet feature-rich enough to satisfy users that are willing to spend more. NordVPN services also include enhanced privacy and improved speed.


NordVPN has no peer-to-peer restrictions allowing file-sharing traffic. It particularly has a unique feature where is a user starts running the file sharing program on a non peer to peer server, it will automatically move the user to a dedicated peer to peer option.

For the users that want to combine the anonymity of the TOR network with VPN, NordVPN provides three dedicated TOR servers without necessarily using a dedicated TOR browser. This service also offers Double VPN servers for those who love using them. While double VPN is supposed to give a user extra anonymity, Anti DDoS is supposed to provide a more stable connection.

In addition, NordVPN supports PPTP and L2TP protocols, though it has moved to newer high caliber protocols such as IKEv2. For encryption purposes, the first keys are generated foAES-256-GCM. A user is able to use up to six devices simultaneously on NordVPN although some limitations apply when it comes to connecting devices to the same server.

Pricing and free trial

NordVPN has three pricing plans starting $11.95 for a month, $54.00 for six months, or $83.88 for one year, all paid up front. You can pay for the service through Webmoney, major credit cards, PayPal and even Bitcoin. You will see that the company offers the users a money back guarantee of 30 days but this refund is only given only when the service fails to work, not when the user decides they do not like the service. There is a free trial for three days, but you will not be able to find it unless you know how to apply it. Not to worry though because you can be assured of liking this service and probably using it for the rest of your life.

Privacy and Secrecy

NordVPN only asks for an email address and password from users when creating an account. All the payments details remain anonymous and the company’s privacy policy states that no user activity shall be logged. The company does not disclose the identities of their staff members, and it does not track any of its users. NordVPN has made great improvements in ensuring that their users’ privacy and secrecy is upheld all the time.


  • Six simultaneous connections
  • P2P allowed
  • Wide variety of servers
  • Zero-logging policy
  • Works with Netflix
  • Respectable speeds


  • Company leadership is anonymous

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PureVPN website

PureVPN is one of the highest rated VPNs in the market not only for torrenting, but for anyone else who would like to hide their footprints on the internet. If you are looking for an opportunity to download your torrents in peace without worrying whether Uncle Sam is peeping over your shoulder, you should buy an account with the PureVPN. They are not called the best VPN for torrents for nothing.

Started way back in 2006 in Hong Kong, this VPN service has been giving users great value for money. The location itself tells you that the VPN is based out of the strict monitoring areas that include the USA and the European Union zones.

Among the features that endear the VPN to users include its prices and pricing plans. It also offers a lot of privacy since there are no logs kept at all. Here are a few of their features in detail:

  1. It is very simple to use this VPN service. After all, you can connect to a server of your choice depending on the country that you choose straight from the dashboard. You can choose the country, region or city that you want to connect to. Just zoom the map.
  2. There is an internet killswitch, which means that should the VPN connection drop while you are in the process of downloading, the killswitch immediately kills the download, only to continue later when VPN connection resumes.
  3. The split tunneling feature is very good as it enables you to choose what programs you want to connect to through the VPN. Only the program you select will work with the VPN. Please note that you should only use this feature if you are knowledgeable about it since it may require you to use your true IP address.
  4. If you have more internet enabled devices at home, you can use the VPN hotspot to connect them to a safe connection. Just as the smartphone can be turned to a Wi-Fi hotspot, so also does the VPN hotspot work, in a similar manner. It will be secure, only the devices you authorize will connect to the hotspot.
  5. There are hundreds of servers for you to choose which location you would like to get an IP from. Not all the servers allow P2P though as some of the servers in the strict zones like the USA and the EU have their P2P turned off. So choose a server that is out of those two zones.
  6. PureVPN is compatible with all of the operating systems that your devices could be using. Mac, Android, iOS, Windows and others are all compatible. You should have an easy time since most people’s devices run on these software.

Pricing plans for PureVPN

Like most other VPNs in the market, with PureVPN, the longer you subscribe the more money you save. For example, a one-month plan is going to cost you $10.95 per month. One-year plan costs $5.41 per month while the two-year pricing plan costs $3.54 per month. Thus, you can see that the longer you subscribe for this service, the cheaper it becomes.

There is no free trial with this software, but you will get a good opportunity to claim your money back if you do not like it. They give a money back guarantee of 7 days, short, but better than none at all.

Privacy and secrecy

This is a no log service, meaning that no matter what software, computer or tool you use with the VPN, it is not going to be shown anywhere. If you are looking for a tool that totally gets rid of your footprints from the web, this is it, the best.


  • No log policy at all
  • You can download torrents at good speed
  • Has many security features
  • Allows 7 connections simultaneously
  • Has many servers in many different locations
  • Supports many protocols including OpenVPN, the most secure of them all


  • Short money back guarantee period

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You have seen five of the best VPN for torrents. Now, it is up to you to measure the pros and cons of each of them and choose what you think fits your needs best. Thankfully, as you have seen here, there is a VPN for anyone for torrents download. If you would like to download software, movies, music and even share files over the peer to peer networks, you will need a good VPN to hide your footprints on the internet. About the price, there is a VPN for every budget, but if you would like to use uTorrent at excellent speed, it is better to pay more and enjoy faster speeds than pay less and get slower speeds.

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